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Channeling Elegant Evelyn

May 25, 2022

If you are feeling in a funk, this episode is sure to lift your spirits. Jewelry designer Freida Rothman has a beautiful energy that is magnetic. When I first heard her speak in Milwaukee, I knew I had to invite her on the show.  Highlights of the episode:

  1. What makes someone a "Woman of Strength?"
  2. How rituals and presence support personal and professional success.
  3. The power of kindness, compassion, and hope for us all to thrive in our global community. 
  4. How something as simple as a walk in the park can ignite creativity and in Freida's case a gorgeous new line of jewelry.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Freida Rothman is a second-generation jeweler, a mother of four, and an entrepreneur striving to remind her community of Ambassadors of Hope that through positivity and optimism you can conquer any challenge.

Inspired by the legacy of four grandparents – all Holocaust survivors – Freida’s designs honor strength, hope and resiliency through elevated pieces that reflect her native Brooklyn.

For Freida, the city symbolizes a second chance for her family who arrived with overwhelming hope for a better tomorrow. Each piece is designed to empower.

Freida is offering you $50 off any purchase. Use code MEGDALY50 for the discount. Shop Here.

Follow Freida here:
Instagram: @freidarothman
Facebook: @FreidaRothmanNewYork

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