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The Tender Love Podcast

May 4, 2022

Whether you want to quit or take a break from alcohol OR you just want more joy in your life, my conversation with Shawn Woltz will leave you walking on air. I know it did for me 🙂 There is something about her energy and passion for life that is impossible to love... and her reels on IG? Don't even get me started. I literally laugh OUT LOUD because they are so spot on. I was also so honored that she chose to be so vulnerable and real. She is a gem so don't forget to follow her on Instagram. Highlights of today's episode:

  1. Why your intuition and everything "Woo Woo" becomes heightened when you remove the clutter of alcohol. 
  2. How reevaluating your relationship with alcohol can help you be a more patient mom.
  3. The reason I chose Shawn for my Mother's Day Week episode. 


Having once felt so alone in her addiction, ashamed to admit she had a problem, and lost in the cycle of drinking to escape it all; Shawn has sobered up, and wants to encourage the world that sobriety needs to be celebrated and looked at through a different lens. Being fully alive, using all your senses, feeling all your emotions is what life is all about. Instead of dragging our feet through the mud thinking, “I HAVE to quit, what about changing the mindset to, “I GET to quit!!”

Sobriety is empowering, an ultimate upgrade, the truest form of self care and self love. Be curious for change, proud of what you’ve been through, re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol and drugs and join her community to start celebrating a life FREE of alcohol and FULL of your greatest potential!

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