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Channeling Elegant Evelyn

Apr 27, 2022

In this week's episode, I dive into the common fear of "how will it through xyz event without drinking?!" with Rachel Hart.  Highlights of the episode

  1. Peeling back the "why" of why you really want to have that drink.
  2. Changing your mindset around "slip ups"
  3. Even using mocktails as a way to peel back the starting...

Apr 22, 2022

This episode came at the perfect time as I've been on my "social lie detox" for about 5-6 months and was finding myself leaning into old patterns. Fortunately, this conversation was the perfect fix to get reinvigorated to continue with a practice that has been personally transformational. If you are someone who tries to...

Apr 14, 2022

Today I am sharing a few stories around regret. These are times that I literally manifested what I desired and literally turned around and walked away. Why? Listen and you'll find out! Highlights of the episode:

  1. Why past U-turns can be vital information for future forks in the road. 
  2. How you can move out of the past...

Apr 7, 2022

Mothers come in many forms. You may be a Mom to humans, or dogs, cats, horses, etc. The thing is, if you nurture anyone or anything you have that essence of a mother. So with that, comes amazing moments of joy... as well as stress and overwhelm. 

In today's episode, I chat with Kelly Smith who is a world-renowned yoga...

Apr 6, 2022

I tried something new for you in this episode which I think you’ll enjoy. It’s a guided meditation for when life becomes a little chaotic and we slip into beating ourselves up. That’s easy to do when you’re a people pleaser or an empath!
Let me know your thoughts and I’m happy to create more of these...