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Channeling Elegant Evelyn

Dec 22, 2020

Join me as I speak with stylist Jenny O’Donnell about what it means to really get up, dress up, and show up to life each day. I love the tools that she shares and I hope you do too!

Between podcasts, join me over on Facebook in a private community called Tranquility Talk where I host a free show each week around...

Dec 15, 2020

What if you could do it all over?
How would your life be different?
How would YOU be different?

In this episode, I share personal stories, tips on time traveling, and unexpected treasures of inspiration just waiting to be discovered.

Items referenced during the episode:

The Midnight Library

Dec 8, 2020

"When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier." ~ Diane Von Furstenberg

Choosing to love yourself is not always easy. What are you feeding your head, heart, and body? Everything changes when you choose to begin everything from the space of love.

In this episode, I share an overview of the six pillars of...

Dec 5, 2020

I walked to the kitchen this morning and was grateful for two things...

1. That I washed the dishes last night but a few items were still left dirty in the sink.

2. That the dining room table was taken over by a puzzle.

Funny how it's the little things lately that bring joy.

The thing is, for so long my home had to be...

Dec 2, 2020

Stepping into the space of grace is not always easy. The ego, the need to win, the desire to be right oftentimes bulldozes right through.

In this episode, I share 7 ways to not only create trust within yourself and others but also to approach your day with more compassion and ease. As always, I share my own journey...