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Channeling Elegant Evelyn

Oct 27, 2022

How can I even express the excitement that was bubbling in my heart and mind before interviewing Rebecca? Not once… But twice! You’ll have to listen for the total snafu that happened on my end the first time we recorded. Definitely a lesson of self-forgiveness on my part.

This episode is one of my favorites because it didn’t feel like an interview but felt like a zoom call with a really fun and fabulous girlfriend!

Once you listen to the episode, you will see why I find Rebecca so inspiring. I was introduced to her on Instagram and simply fell in love with the chic way she lives, works, dresses, travels, etc… and especially how she makes alcohol-free living look so beautiful.

Highlights of today’s episode

1. Getting inspired by experimenting with delightful mocktails.

2. The magical way life looks and feels when going alcohol-free.

3. Why living AF allows you to taste the food, dream the dreams and wake up feeling fabulous.

Books referenced:

Unto This Last by Rebecca Lipkin

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray

Rebecca's Bio:

Rebecca is the author of Unto This Last - the first biographical novel dedicated to the Victorian art critic, social commentator and philanthropist, John Ruskin.

Having developed a passion for Victorian art and literature from a young age, Rebecca first discovered John Ruskin through E.M. Forster’s novel, A Room with a View, and later joined the Ruskin Society at the age of seventeen to learn more about Ruskin’s work. Rebecca says, “Most accounts of John Ruskin’s complex personal life focus on his brief marriage to Effie Gray, but his seventeen-year relationship with his young Irish student Rose La Touche was of much greater importance; theirs is captivating and tragic story of two people whose loving friendship transcended boundaries and conventions to the very end.”

London, 1858. Passionate, contradictory, and fiercely loyal to his friends, John Ruskin is an eccentric genius, famed across Britain for his writings on art and philosophy. Haunted by a scandalous past and determined never to love again, the 39-year-old Ruskin shuns polite society in favour of a quiet existence at Denmark Hill, the home he shares with his domineering parents. Reluctantly accepting a request by an Irish aristocrat to tutor her daughters in art, Ruskin becomes infatuated with his enigmatic student, Rose La Touche, an obsession with profound consequences that will change the course of his life and work.

Written in a style recalling Victorian literature and spanning a period of almost 20 years, the story poses questions about the nature of love, the boundaries of parenthood and compatibility in marriage. Unto This Last is a man behind the genius portrait of Ruskin’s tormented psyche and reveals a complex and misunderstood soul, longing for a life just out of reach.

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