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The Tender Love Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

Oftentimes when people join my FREE Live More Drink Less community, they are at the point where they are tired of feeling....

  • anxious
  • lonely
  • bored
  • tired
  • bloated
  • frustrated
  • overweight
  • annoyed

and they are ready to start feeling:

  • calm
  • purposeful
  • lively
  • focused
  • energetic
  • organized
  • clean
  • content
  • FREE

If wine time is the highlight to your day, maybe it's time to expand your horizons! Consider today's episode a bit of a pep talk where I share my own experience and a bit about our community.

Love that you are here with me each week. Join here for even more inspiration each week with our free classes and lives.